Posted by Jerry Nelson
The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) is one of the most important organizations along the Thai/Myanmar border. CMIRC has supported the clinic since the birth of our club. One of the most rewarding aspects of our support is raising awareness of the clinic and the great work done by Dr. Cynthia Muang and her team. The next tour will be on Thursday, August 16, 2018. Those attending may expect to tour both the old and new campus of the clinic, see the Child Development Center (CDC) and learn firsthand from staff. There will likely be two briefings, one at MTC and one at CDC. Depending on the desires of the people who go on the tour, we will may plan for a second day to visit supporting organizations and/or enjoy local attractions. Those interested are encouraged to contact me as early as possible.
A recent tour included a Rotarian physician, Dr. Raj Mani (right, with Dr. Cynthia) from the Rotary Club of Aireborough, Leeds, UK (District 1040) and his son, Dr. Ravi Mani. One of the favorable results from this visit is upcoming article from Mae Tao Clinic staff and an invitation for Dr. Cynthia to speak at a medical conference next year.
The clinic has serious financial challenges caused mostly by the decisions of big donors who have chosen to put their money directly into Myanmar. Fundraising has been and will continue to be a priority in our efforts to support the Mae Tao Clinic. During The past year we raised almost over 198,000 THB for the clinic. This was possible because of the generous contributions from The Rotary Club of Kamloops West, Kamloops BC, Canada (Rotary District 5060)  and the Rotary Club of Bangkok South, Bangkok, Thailand (Rotary District 3350).  We are so grateful for your support!
Fundraising for this coming year will focus on MTC’s Child Protection areas including birth registration. We will be collaborating with several community-based organizations who work closely with MTC including the Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights, (CPPCR). We are hoping to sponsor two fundraising events, one in Mae Sot and one in Chiang Mai. The kick off meeting on 17 May was a very productive brainstorming session with input from MTC, CPPCR, Safe Child Thailand and CMIRC. (brainstormers shown above)
CMIRC is always looking for partners to help support the Mae Tao Clinic and we are happy to think that our efforts may inspire kind and generous people around the globe to give a helping hand either through the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club or directly to the Mae Tao Clinic. The price of greatness is both toil and responsibility. To get a real feel of the greatness, please accept our invitation to join us on our next tour.