Posted by Nancy Lindley
The Thailand International Balloon Festival is less than 30 days away!  The Golf Ball Drop, on the second day of the festival, at dusk, is our club's biggest fund-raiser.  We need for ALL club members to sell tickets, yet only about half have taken tickets.  You might say you don't like to "sell stuff".  Well, as someone who made a living "selling stuff", I never considered what I did as forcing something unwanted on someone.  My role, as a sales/marketing professional, was to identity and fulfill unmet needs.  In many cases, needs that people didn't even know they had.
So, what "needs" do you "fulfill" when you approach a friend or acquaintance about buying a ticket for a CMIRC numbered golf ball?
1.  Some people like the idea of getting "something for nothing" and the odds of winning are quite good.   With just 300 tickets being sold and three prizes (30,000 baht, 10,000 baht and 5,000 baht), someone has a 1-in-100 chance of winning a substantial prize.
2.  Some people like the activities of CMIRC and would be interested in knowing that the funds raised go toward our children's projects.  This gives you a great opportunity to talk about our club's service projects, how much you enjoy participating in them and perhaps even recruit a new member.
3.  Some people would like to know more about the Thailand International Balloon Festival.  Please plan to attend on March 2nd and 3rd if you are in town.  We'll sell more GBD tickets at the Festival in the run-up to the drop.  Each ticket comes with free entry to the Festival on the day of the drop, March 3rd.  The evening "Night Glows" are spectacular -- very beautiful, with local five star hotels offering reasonably priced cocktails and small plate foods, with nice musical entertainment.  All against a beautiful mountain backdrop.  It's a magical setting. 
4.  Consider buying GDB tickets as presents for friends and family.  The winner of our first GBD in 2015 was the father a member, who purchased a ticket with his father's "lucky number". 
5.  Approach all your friends and acquaintances who have asked you to support their favorite charities in the past.  If you've been supportive of other's charitable activities, then they'll probably support yours.
Be sure to promote the GBD by "sharing" the club's Facebook post about the event.  Click Here to see the post on the club's Facebook (scroll the FB page to find it; the post was added on January 23rd).  I shared the club's Facebook post to my Facebook timeline with the following comment; feel free to use this same text for your Facebook post:
All proceeds go toward Chiang Mai International Rotary Club's children's projects. For just 1000 baht (U.S.$32) you can purchase a numbered golf ball that will be dropped from a tethered hot air balloon at dusk on 3rd March during the Thailand International Balloon Festival. Closest balls to the hole win. Only 300 balls will be sold, so your odds of winning are great 1-in-100. You need not be present to win, but your ticket is also good for free entry to the Festival on March 3rd. See me or any CMI Rotary Club member for tickets. Overseas purchase encouraged via Paypal, also.