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Mae Tao Clinic has organized its scope of service to three main areas:   Health Services, Training and Child Protection.  Learn more at their website at  What they accomplishing is truly amazing!  Things we are doing to help include:   


G.E.D. Scholarships 


CMIRC is the host club for Global Grant 1755757 (G.E.D. Scholarships for Burmese Migrant Students in Thailand).  The grant is currently in draft at the Rotary Grant Center.   The Rotary Club of Kamloops West, British Columbia is the International Club.      Here is a summary:

Project:   Mae Tao Clinic provides GED Scholarships for Burmese Migrant Students
Beneficiaries:    Children from the migrant community around the Mae Tao Clinic, specifically Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand.
History:  In the past a student would have to temporarily re-locate to Chiang Mai or Bangkok in order to avail themselves to curriculum which would prepare them to take the GED.
Current Situation:  Mae Tao Clinic has a Child Development Center which can school up to 1,000 students at a time.  Currently there are 846 enrolled.   They will host the GED training. 
The  Thabyay Foundation recently recently opened a GED testing center in Mae Sot.  They would do the GED testing. There are some 13,000 migrant students in the Mae Sot area.  From this population the students would be chosen. 
Project Scope:
1 qualified GED Instructor.  Likely we will have to recruit from USA or elsewhere
25 students per year for 3 years.


We need your participation in the form of cash contributions, and District Designated Funds. If you can help, please send an email to, or just contact me Jerry Nelson at   Please remember that your pledge will be included in the budget calculation.   Once we have the commitments we will submit the grant for approval.  


Other ways to help the Mae Tao Clinic:


1.  When in Thailand please accompany us on a visit and tour.  Here you will see for yourself the incredible organization known as Mae Tao Clinic (See paragraph Introducing Members and Guests below). 

2.  Make a donation to Mae Tao Clinic through Chiang Mai International Rotary Club.   Contact for specifics.    Currently Mae Tao Clinic has funding shortages in the areas listed here.  

Activity implementation costs:

Referral costs for emergency obstetrics: 164 cases in 2016, costing 15,859 THB on average per woman (US$453)
Referral costs for advanced neonatal care: 84 cases in 2016, costing 11,949 THB on average per baby (US$ 342)
Stipends for health workers, starting from THB 4,000 per month (US$ 115) with an average of THB 6,000 per month (US$ 172)
Estimated water and electricity shortfall: 760,000 THB for 2017
The Supply donations wish list is quite long.  I'm happy to send it to anyone who asks.  Just contact me at  Your contribution are badly needed and most welcome!!
3.  Volunteer.   There are several opportunities to volunteer at Mae Tao Clinic.   Typically the need medical staff, teachers and administrative people.  The time required varies depending on the position.   Pleas see for details

Introducing Members and Guests: Because the Mae Tao Clinic is located in Mae Sot, some 360 kilometers from Chiang Mai, it is not practical to have daily contact.  However, several trips have been organized for the purpose of introducing our members and friends to The Mae Tao Clinic.  The more people who are aware the more support we can garner.  One fine example is Rotarian Neal Herman of the Estes Sunrise Rotary Club; they have made significant contributions to our Mae Tao Clinic projects and we are exploring future opportunities.  The orientation trips will continue; the next opportunity will be in the July time frame.  Please contact Jerry Nelson ( if you are  interested.


 A recent tour group learns about the prosthetic