Posted by Jerry Nelson on Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year from the Mae Tao Clinic!

Introduction for New Readers:

The Mae Tao Clinic with its Child Protection Department and Child Development Center is the oldest project of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club. Those interested in the history are invited to read past bulletins and the running story on our website. Also, please visit Mae Tao Clinic’s website 

February Awareness/Exchange Week: We will combine our customary tour with an English Language Cultural Exchange with the 11th grade, 12th grade and Pre-GED students at the MTC Child Development Center. The tentative schedule is:

  • Monday, 10 February: Travel to Mae Sot
  • Tuesday, 11 February morning: Tour Old Campus of MTC and Child Development Center
  • Tuesday, 11 February afternoon: English Language Cultural Language Exchange at CDC
  • Wednesday, 12 February morning: Tour New Campus of MTC
  • Wednesday, 12 February afternoon: English Language Cultural Language Exchange at CDC
  • Thursday, 13 February morning: Visit other learning centers and/or Global Alms
  • Thursday, 13 February afternoon: English Language Cultural Exchange at CDC
  • Friday, 14 February: Visit other organizations?
  • Friday, 14 February: Return to starting point (Chiang Mai or other location).
Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to participate, and please send specific questions as soon as possible. The staff of CDC will be re-arranging their schedules to accommodate the English Language Cultural Exchange.

March Tour: The tentative schedule is:

  • Wednesday, 4 March: Travel to Mae Sot
  • Thursday, 5 March: Tour and receive briefings
  • Friday, 6 March morning: Tour and receive briefings
  • Friday, 6 March afternoon/evening Travel to Chiang Mai, or other home location

June Tour: The tentative rough schedule is:

  • Wednesday, 3 June: Travel to Mae Sot
  • Thursday, 4 June: Tour and receive briefings
  • Friday, 5 June morning: Tour and receive briefings
  • Friday, 5 June afternoon/evening Travel to Chiang Mai, or other home location

The tour dates for March and June are set, but it’s too early to have any details. Interested parties are invited to contact me as soon as possible. Previous tours have been at capacity.

30 Years ++ The MTC 30TH Anniversary book is now available for a nominal donation of only 800 THB. (cover shown, right) A preview is available at 

Our plan going forward:

CMIRC always consults with MTC prior to making any commitment. Realizing that the needs of the Mae Tao Clinic’s are constantly changing due to circumstance over which they have no control the below list may change. As of this writing, the CMIRC MTC Project Plan may include:

  • We will continue to conduct awareness tours.
  • Depending on demand, some awareness tours will be expanded to awareness and cultural exchange tours (the first one is tentatively scheduled for 10 – 14 February 2020).
  • Acceptable behavior standards and dress code will be provided to all future attendees of our tours.
  • CMIRC & MTC will continue to explore Rotary Global Grant opportunities. Current thinking is training conducted by the Child Protection Department emphasizing safety from human trafficking and other forms of abuse.
  • We will help MTC find commercial sponsors.
  • We would like to set up a scholarship fund for CDC graduates.
  • Conduct one fundraising event, the proceeds of which would be dedicated to operational expenses not normally eligible for Rotary Global Grants such as teacher stipends.
  • Support MTC fundraising efforts.
  • Encourage our fellow Rotarians and other friends to participate in Facebook and other multi-media efforts to support MTC.

Gentle Reader: DO NOT BE AFRAID! While this is indeed a tall order, it is doable. All I ask is that you support the MTC in the way(s) which make sense to you! A very good Rotarian Friend Wessel Veenstra reported that his church in Franeker Netherlands raised money for Mae Tao Clinic in December. How great is that? Together we can make a real difference! Everyone is invited and encouraged to support this marvelous organization in any way that makes sense to you!