Posted by Jerry Nelson on Sep 01, 2019
NEXT TRIP:  Great news about the next trip.  The trip is confirmed!  The van will leave Chiang Mai the morning of Wednesday 16 October.  We will tour Mae Tao Clinic and supported organizations on 17 – 18 October 2019.  There are six people already signed up, but don’t despair, we’ll have room for you.  The van comfortably holds nine and if needed we’ll take two vans!  People coming from other locations will meet us in Mae Sot.  The tentative schedule is: 
Wednesday 16 October – Travel to Mae Sot and in the evening have dinner at Khao Mao Khao Fang
08:00 start picking up passengers in Chiang Mai 
15:30 Arrive at hotel in Mae Sot  
18:30 Rendezvous with tour members coming from other locations and go to dinner

Thursday 17 October – (times and details are tentative; we need to be flexible).
09:00 Tour Mae Tao Clinic, beginning with the Old Campus.  We will see Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights, Mae Tao Clinic Burma Operations team and more.
13:00 Tour New Campus of Mae Tao Clinic, including Child Protection Office and Burma Children Medical Fund.  We hope to receive briefings from several departments.

Friday 26 July  (Times and details are tentative; we need to be flexible).
09:30 Visit a Migrant Learning Center/Boarding House supported by Mae Tao Clinic
12:45 - Briefing and then a tour of the Child Development Center  
14:00 – 15:30 Depart for Chiang Mai

I am both humbled and proud to announce that we have exceeding our original goal.  Much of the success was due to very generous Rotarians who responded to my birthday appeal.  Thank you all so very much!  All of the money goes to the Mae Tao Clinic Child Protection Department/Child Development Center.  Thank you so much for your generous donations and your willingness to share the appeal with your kind and generous friends. 
Thus far we have raised 151,525 THB and money is still coming in!  If you haven’t donated and want to please contact me for donation instructions through CMIRC.  Donations are also accepted at the Mae Tao Clinic website.  
Increasing Awareness is my first priority for Mae Tao Clinic.  Both the fundraising campaigns and the tours accomplish those goals.  Every tour brings unexpected information.   Who knows what we will learn in October? 
My dear friend PE Dr. Raj Mani of the Rotary Club of Aireborough has organized good liaison between Mae Tao Clinic and Chiang Mai University Hospital’s senior vascular specialist, Dr. Kittipan.  Rotarians Carol and Roger Ward from RC of Aireborough and RC of Royal Hua Hin have been to Mae Tao Clinic on one of our tours and have assisted Dr. Raj in starting a fundraising campaign in District 1040.  All I did was introduce them to the miracle that is Mae Tao Clinic!  
There will be a workshop on Child Protection that will be hosted by CPPCR (one of Mae Tao Clinic’s partner organizations) on Saturday 30 November 2019).  This workshop will be partly funded by Mae Tao Clinic Children’s Protection Department; a gesture that could not have happened without your generosity!