Mae Tao Clinic has asked Chiang Mai International Rotary Club for support in procuring adequate fresh drinking water for all who visit Mae Tao Clinic.  We are delighted to help.  The Mae Tao Clinic is the hub of the Burmese Community in Mae Sot Thailand.  Every day there are between 300 and 500 patients plus their family members at the clinic.   The Mae Tao Clinic also conducts training for medics and nurses who serve their communities in Myanmar.

With the donations and pledges we have now reached, exceeded actually our goal for this project.    A huge thank you to all who participated.  Next month's bulletin will include details.  For today we have :


1.  Water Filter Systems, 3 each  at 4,500 THB  =  13,500 THB

2.  150 Liter Water Tanks, 10 each at 4,200 THB = 42,000 THB

3.  Maintenance at 5.000 per year for 3 years      = 15,000 THB

TOTAL                                                                  = 70,500 THB


In the majority of government hospitals in Thailand and Myanmar, there is no water available for out-patients and their families.  Patients are expected to buy their own water.  In the past this has been the Case at Mae Tao Clinic.   Many of these people simply do not have enough money to pay for their own water needs.  MTC hosts 300 – 400 patients a day plus their family members.  These tanks will also support the Burmese medics who are at Mae Tao Clinic receiving medical training.  


In addition the tanks will allow free clean water for the Mae Tao Clinic staff Money currently spent on bottled water can then be diverted to other needs.  Because of decisions by major donors to send their money inside Burma, MTC is underfunded. Every saving is critical.


Supporting the Mae Tao Clinic is the best way I know to support the migrant / refugee population along the Thai / Myanmar border.  While this campaign will not take the format of a Rotary Global Grant, we will apply the same standard of accountability and sustainability.   Thank you so much for your support.


Yours in Rotary,


Jerry Nelson

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club

Mae Tao Clinic Project Champion

President-Elect 2016-2017