Posted by Jerry Nelson
Despair is disallowed!  Recently was stricken by a bout of deep sadness because our attempt to raise enough money to fund a global grant for the Burmese Migrant students fell short.    Almost immediately I was encouraged by fellow Rotarians and by the wonderful people at Mae Tao Clinic.   These people have lived for many years in a situation of political uncertainty.  They have seen funding taken away because the “important people” think it’s better to put the money in Myanmar.   At the same time, they have seen their patient and student population remain stable.   These people are here to cheer me up!!  Wow!   They have terminated my pity party and now it’s time to get back to work!   Despair is disallowed, and that’s for sure!
There is a severe shortage of funding at Mae Tao Clinic due to the loss of major donors who have chosen to give their funds to organizations based inside Myanmar.   Mae Tao Clinic is being forced to make drastic cuts in services and programs.   They need all the help they can get.   Chiang Mai International Rotary Club will raise funds to support the GED. efforts being undertaken by Mae Tao Clinic Child Development Center.         
Migrant and Refugee children attend Migrant Learning Centers. This is a very generous arrangement by the Royal Thai government.  However, these students do not receive Thai high school diplomas; therefore, they are no eligible to apply for admission to Thai universities.   In the past some have successfully taken the American based General Education Development (GED.) test which did qualify them for admission to several universities, including some in Thailand.  These students had to temporarily re-locate to Chiang Mai or Bangkok to avail themselves to curriculum which would prepare them to take the GED.  
We came up with the idea of doing a Rotary Global grant that would fund 28 students per year for 3 years to study for and take the G.E.D. test.  Sadly, we were not able to raise enough money to fund the project.   We now have a smaller project and we solicit your help!
CMIRC is very happy to announce our fundraising project to support the GED projects at Mae Tao Clinics’ Child Development Center.   Monies Raised will go to Mae Tao Clinic and will be designated for GED related expenses, specifically:
  1. Salary of  their GED Coordinator / Teacher for this year
  2. Food and Lodging for 5 students preparing to take the GED at Beam in Chiang Mai
  3. GED test for 5 students in Chiang Mai
  4. GED test for 19 students at CDC in Mae Sot
To successfully fund these efforts we need to raise some 334,000 THB ( $10,450 USD).   We really need your help!    For only $250.00 USD you can fund the GED test for a bright young person who, with the opportunity, might just make a significant contribution to his or her world.   Of course, contributions of any amount are welcome.    Ways to contribute include:
  1. Make a direct deposit to our   MTC Fundraising Bank Account:
BANK:   BANK OF BANGKOK,  Kad Suan Kaew  branch
ROUTING NO:  026-008-691 (For USA)
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  424-407348-4
  1. Make a deposit in our PayPal account:
  1. If you are in Chiang Mai, just hand me cash and I will deposit it in the account making sure you get the credit you deserve for your generosity.  
Jerry Nelson
CMIRC Mae Tao Clinic Project Champion