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Posted on Sep 02, 2019
Submitted by:
Clarence Shettlesworth, CMIRC Foundation Chair
Bob Ashley, RC Summit County and Founder, Village Water Filters
Aree Sukrisi, CMIRC
Areeya Sukrisi, Chiang Mai Babyact Club
An hour’s drive from Chiang Mai is the beautiful temple and meditation centre of Wat Tham Doi Thon.  Inside the temple it is quiet and serene with access to a splendid cave.
Around the village elephant camps have sprung up, polluting the Mae Wang river that supplies water for the temple and surrounding villages. There is also upsilting due to seasonal rains that cloud the water.
Two years ago the village raised THB 300,000 to install a clean water system.
Complexity caused maintenance issues and recently the system broke down leaving the village unable to meet the cost of repairs.
CMIRC initiated contact with Jake Douglas, a Novice at the temple, and visited to assess needs.
Jake (right, with Bob, Aree and  Baby Areeya) is consulting with the Abbot and village elders and will prepare the ground for further visits.
Village Water Filters may consider donating a Facility Filter which would meet the needs of the village and is fairly straightforward to operate.
In Bob’s experience, key issues are:
  • Setting up a Village Water and Sanitation Committee and ensuring that women are involved.
  • Promoting ownership and assisting the Committee develop a financial plan for the sale of water and the use of the proceeds, especially for maintenance.
  • Training local villagers to maintain the system.
  • Establishing a simple and effective monitoring system.  The possibility of using mobile phones and the LINE app which is popular in Thailand is being explored.