Posted by Maliwan Kaew-Amphai on Sep 02, 2019
We visited the house every Sunday in  August and have attracted regular people who will come to the Burma Children Medical Fund’s B. K. Kee Patient House often.  Rotarian Gordana (right) is missed by all of us.  She will return in November. 

We have Trekker Teddies for the children again.  What a joy to share with a young child!  On 31 August we had a very special activity -- baking banana bread (left).  No left overs!  Also one of the patients, Naw Paw, took it upon her self to braid hair for the ladies.   

On 11 August Kanchana (the founder of BCMF) visited us. She loves what we are doing but asked us to consider two other ideas:   
1.  Can we help teach the patients enough Thai so they can communicate with the hospital?   Staff is looking at developing a chart to help.  The patients have different native languages.  Most do not speak any Thai or English.  It can succeed with the language of love.
2.  Can we help make the garden sustainable?  The patients can help but we will need the staff to be involved.   Could this be a project with Rotaract or Interact? 

In the future there is a plan to involve Interact Club members in a painting project.  More News Soon! 
We have also heard from another Rotaract Club in Hong Kong.  They are interested in doing a project.  More News Soon! 
Old Useful Information
I am Rotarian Maliwan Kaew-Amphai, the new Project Champion for the CMIRC BCMF Project.  For now all of our effort is at the BCMF B.K.Kee Patient House in Chiang Mai.  All of the patients have serious medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer or birth defects.  Our purpose is to bring the patients and their families love and respect and make their lives more comfortable.  You may email for any questions or suggestions.

We visit the house most Sundays, usually meeting at pump Shell on Huay Kaew Road at 10:30 a.m.  We usually stay at the house until 12:30 or a bit later. Check CMIRC Calendar for sure.  The time may vary, even the day.  CMIRC Members and future members are encouraged to attend.  We try to have about four people go each time.  All members of CMIRC have already signed the Child Protection Policy.   Visitors are required to sign the same document.  It is available at on CMIRC Website.  I will have copies available for visitors.