Children deserve to be safe.  Sadly there are people who would exploit a child.  Pedophiles and human traffickers exist among us.  Migrant children are at high risk.  We can do something to help.
Mae Tao Clinic has a very comprehensive Child Protection approach.  Part of this is their Child Program Training Program.  We need your help to fund this critical program.  I know that some of you will help without a moment’s hesitation and some will want more information before deciding.  To that end more details on the program are below.   Also I’m delighted to answer any questions you may have.  Just contact me at +66 89-556-4293 or at      There are three ways you may contribute:
          1. If you are in Chiang Mai you can contact me and hand me the cash.  A receipt will be given.
2. You can make a bank transfer to the account we have set up.  Here money will be collected and then transferred to Mae Tao Clinic from the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club. 
BANK:   BANK OF BANGKOK,  Kad Suan Kaew  branch
ROUTING NO:  026-008-691 (For USA)
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  531-0-82675-4
  1. You can donate through the crowd funding account I have set up.
Please note that 100% of your contribution will go to the Child Protection Training Program.  All bank charges, service fees and so forth will be paid for by me as part of my attempt to help this program.
The Mae Tao Clinic Child Protection Program began as an ad hoc program responding to the needs of displaced and migrant children as they arose, but has developed into a comprehensive program to respond to the needs of children.  MTC provides education to approximately 892 children and youth at the Child Development Centre (CDC), and provides shelter and food for approximately 277 students in CDC and BCH Boarding Houses.  MTC also supports approximately 2,500 children to access education through the Dry Food Program to children in boarding houses, meeting basic needs that allows them to attend local Migrant Learning Centres. MTC also provides a Day care service, psychosocial support to up to 30 children of patients and child patients each day through the Child Recreation Centre (CRC) and provides support to access Birth Registration for more than 3,000 babies that are born at MTC each year. 
Recently the Mae Tao Clinic Child Protection Program implemented a child protection policy and this implementation has trained over 250 staff at Mae Tao Clinic, 27 students to provide peer to peer training, over 150 students have been trained in child protection rights and responsibilities and 70 boarding house staff and teachers have received 2 day child protection training. This training has resulted in an increase in the number of reported cases of child protection concerns and feedback from children and students has been encouraging.
The proposed project would aim to continue to roll out this training to new areas in the Mae Sot region that haven’t had the opportunity to receive training yet. It will also include the provision of training to Mae Tao clinic staff and teachers supported by the clinic who also have not yet had training on Child Protection. This will embed child protection principles in all the areas that the clinic supports and ensure that all staff and associates of the clinic understand basic child protection principles and are able to act appropriately to protect children who have been harmed or are at risk of harm.
The training will be provided both at the clinic and out in the community. We will primarily target schools and boarding houses in the community. This program will significantly expand the reach of our previous training as we will be able to provide training to the broader community who generally have less access to child protection activities. 155 children who will receive the peer to peer training are based on the outskirts of Mae Sot or its surrounding villages and the goal is to provide the peer to peer training so that these students can then share the knowledge about child protection with other children living in the village. We have recently received feedback about this peer to peer training that we trialed early 2015 at CDC school and we are pleased to report that children who have not received any formal child protection training are being provided with information about child rights and responsibilities from the children who have been trained in the peer to peer group. This highlights the value of this program as well as the sustainability of the training as a means to providing effective child protection mainstreaming for areas that may be traditionally difficult to access.
There will be 255 children who are direct beneficiaries of the training and 270 adults who will directly participate in the program. However the number of indirect beneficiaries is difficult to calculate as the peer to peer training has successfully shown that once children have been trained to deliver child protection training they are fantastic advocates for their own rights. This type of training also helps to shift cultural expectations and resistance to child protection principles as the primary recipients of the information are children themselves. It is hoped that a project such as this can shift a generation of children and help them to believe in their own rights and responsibilities and carry this knowledge and beliefs into the future for their own children.
Background and supporting documentation for the Child Protection Training Program can be found at   Also I’m delighted to answer any questions you may have including detailed budget information and tentative schedules..  Just contact me at +66 89-556-4293 or at