Posted by Jerry Nelson on Aug 04, 2019
On Wednesday the 24 July, eight of us shared a van to go see the Mae Tao Clinic and collaborative neighbors.  We believe this is the ideal way to visit Mae Tao from Chiang Mai.  This month we had a very special treat: We were invited to the home of Past District Governor Anuwat Puvaseth in Lampang for coffee and to pick up six boxes of children’s clothing and toys.   PDG Anuwat also presented me with a donation to the 100,000 THB in 100 days campaign for Mae Tao Clinic.  Thank you so much!  The group is pictured with PDG Anuwat, third from the left. 
The first stop on this tour was the Hway Ka Lot Migrant Learning Center, supported by Mae Tao Clinic.  The clothing and toys were left there where they will be distributed to the neediest children. There are 123 students at this center, grades 1 through 8. 
That afternoon we received a tour of the Mae Tao Clinic and briefings from at the Mae Tao Clinic from both the fundraising and the Child Protection Department.  The Mae Tao Clinic provides a day care center for their staff, a very good idea!  Then, we visited the Burma Children’s Medical Fund (they are the parent organization for the BCMF B.K.Kee house in Chiang Mai).
Friday morning, we met with the Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (CPPCR) where we learned about the child protection network and how they interact with both Thai and Burmese authorities.  Approximately 1,300 documented cases have been dealt with since they began in 2010.  The issue of child beggars continues be a challenge.  All this author can do is advise you to not give to child beggars at the border. 
Also, we met with the Ethnic Health System Strengthening Group (EHSSG).  There are nine organizations in this group, including the Mae Tao Clinic and they are developing health care standards and policy.   There are some 296 service sites with a target population of 836,000 people.

After lunch we visited Mao Tao Clinic’s Child Development Center, received a briefing and met with the pre-GED class.  CDC currently has a total enrollment of 836 students.  This year’s pre-GED class has 15 students.  From here they will go on to take the American GED and hopefully be able to attend university.  These young people are motivated to learn and to make a difference.   The biggest challenge will be finding funding for their university education.  Details about the CDC are well written and available at  Below is our tour group with students from the CDC.
Our next tour is scheduled for 17 – 18 October 2019.  We will organize a group to share a van from Chiang Mai departing on Wednesday, 16 October.   People coming from other locations will meet us in Mae Sot.   Details will be forthcoming in the September and October bulletins.
Raising the Bar!
CMIRC is humbled, grateful and proud to announce that as of 1 August 2019, 62 days into the 100 day campaign we have exceeded our goal by raising 147,000 THB!  Now it's time to raise the bar!  The Campaign is re-designated as 200,000 THB in 100 days!  As of today, we are 73.5% to our goal.  With your love, respect and generosity we can make it!  On 8 September 2019, this campaign will close. 
Can we reach 200,000 in the next 30+ days?  It’s totally up to you, the generous and caring people who love and support the Mae Tao Clinic.  While the Mae Tao Clinic Campaign has been successful there are still critical shortages in the Child Development Center and the Child Protection Department. 
Forgive me for being pushy.  The truth is that we are trying to use every means available to reach as many kind and generous people as we can so there is a better than fair chance that this may not be the first time you have seen this appeal. This is a critical attempt on behalf of a small Rotary Club to help a desperate situation affecting the lives of many children.  Please do two things: 
a.  Donate any amount with which you are comfortable.  If you have already donated, thank you!  You have given your fair share.  If you haven’t made a donation yet, and can do so, now is the time! 

b.  Pass this on to your kind and generous friends, colleagues and family members.   
The Child Protection Department and Child Development Center at Mae Tao Clinic urgently need our help with funding.  Money raised will go to supplement teachers’ stipends, support the dry food program, help with security at the boarding houses and more.  Please know that 100% of the money donated goes to Mae Tao Clinic and is earmarked for the Child Protection Department / Child Development Center. 
You can read their appeal and get a better understanding of their situation here: 
The proceeds from this campaign will go the Mae Tao Clinic Child Protection Department and Child Development Center where they will provide food, pay for birth registration, fund child protection training and monitor and improve student health through the school health program.  Money is desperately needed and will be well spent

There are four easy ways to contribute: 
2. Make a bank transfer to the Bangkok Bank account used by CMIRC, held in the name of the club treasurer and past president (since local banking regulations don't permit a "club" to have an account in the club name). Name of account:  Mrs. Nancy Long Lindley and Mr. John Keatley Schorr, Account Number: 531-090222-5, Routing Number (for ACH transfers):  026008691 SWIFT code (for wire transfers):  BKKBTHBK
3. If you are in Chiang Mai, you can simply hand me the cash and I will make sure it gets routed through CMIRC and given to Mae Tao Clinic. 
4. For people who pay income tax in Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States or Japan you may make a tax-deductible contribution to Mae Tao Clinic through one of their partner organizations.  See Mae Tao Clinic Donation Page
Please take a moment and send a quick email to letting us know where you donated.  Also please share this with your kind and generous friends!