Posted by Colin Jarvis on Jun 30, 2019
Out-going President John Schorr is currently on holiday in the USA and so I am writing, what should be, his last bulletin message. On Saturday, 29 June, we held the District Installation Dinner and I am now the  official President and am looking forward to the next 12 months. I'm pictured, below far left, with the other incoming club presidents for the city.
When I joined Rotary in 1985 women were not allowed to become members. They could assist the club if they joined an organisation called the “Inner Wheel”, open to the wives of Rotarians.

Can you imagine such a thing happening now in the 21st century? I know our club would not as lively as it is were it not for the female members.

One such member is Aree Shettlesworth, the wife of one of our members. Recently she presented her husband with a beautiful baby girl and presented us with a problem. Aree is a tremendous supporter of all we do in Rotary. She is undertaking a major project relating to the health of mothers and babies in the North of Thailand. We were very concerned that the new baby would cause her to spend her time at home rather than pursuing her Rotary career.

In the last five years Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) has proved itself to be a highly innovative Rotary club. I believe we have proved this once again in solving the problem of Aree and her baby. We already have associated Interact and Rotaract clubs and thought we might start a Babyract club. Then we had a better idea. In this 21st century many organisations provide baby-care during their workday or meetings. Why should we not do the same? We now encourage mothers to bring their babies to our meetings and we will solve any problems that this causes when we know whether there are any problems or not. We cannot foresee any with Aree’s baby because every member, like Rotarian Maliwan, right,  has fallen in love with her anyway.

Because we are an international club, and the only one that conducts its business in English in the North of Thailand, we meet many Rotarians from all over the globe who come to visit our meetings. Sadly, many of them cannot make our meetings as they are in Chiang Mai for such a short time and such was the case with Doctor Kirill and his fiancé Sophia Ali from Dover, Delaware. Luckily, our secretary Jerry Nelson and I managed to meet up with them at our new venue, the Royal Peninsula Hotel, where we had an enjoyable and fruitful discussion and exchange of banners.

This month was also a special month for us. For several years we have been delighted to host the Whim’n Rhythm women's senior honor a cappella group from Yale University. Every year we have enjoyed their performance and this year was no exception. They are wonderful! What made this performance different was that it made a good profit, swelling our charitable fund, which is the first year it has done so. Why did we succeed this year? Because we used our new venue which is ideal for us and the renowned organisational skills of Nancy Lindley.