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Posted by Roger Lindley on Dec 08, 2019

The regular every Sunday morning visits by club members to the patients and their families at the BCMF B.K. Kee Patient House here in Chiang Mai.

Each Monday, Tuesday and Friday, club members participated in the English Language Cultural Club at the BEAM Educational Foundation.

On the first and third Fridays of the month and the fourth Saturday, CMIRC members represented our club at the Chiang Mai Expats Club meetings where the Beetles Mania event was promoted and full Owl Banks were exchanged for empty Change for Children Owl Banks.

Tuesday, November 5,  we had our regular club meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel. Programs were presented by Avis Rideout on “Agape Home (Nikki's Place)” and by Dr. Barry Lycka on “What I discovered by Surviving Death”

Tuesday, November 19, was the annual visit by the District Governor Kamolsak Visitsakulchai and his wife Rtn. Wanthanee. Photos from Citylife. Also we inducted new members Moshe and Sally.

Below, in left photo, Moshe is at right, with his back to the camera receiving congratulations from the District Governor Kamolsak Visitsakulchai and his wife Rtn. Wanthanee. At right, Rtn. Wanthanee helps Sally with her new Rotary pin. 

Friday, November 22, we had our last Friday in the month “Let’s Talk Rotary” get together at the Daifa Café. Note, this was moved up one week due to the Beatles Mania Fundraiser on the last Friday of the month.

Saturday, November 23 CMIRC had tables at the City Life Garden Fair where we promoted our club and also offered tickets for the Beatles Mania Fundraiser event. Photos from City Life. 

Right, P. John congratulates top raffle prize winner Jume while Raffle Queen Sally looks on.

Sunday, November 24, members of CMIRC and PYU Rotaract participated in RC of Chiang Mai North's Bully Bowl fundraiser at Kad Suan Kaew.

Below, CMIRC and Rotaract members celebrate with members of CM Rotary Club North.


Tuesday, November 26, there was the monthly CMIRC Board meeting at the Royal Peninsula Hotel.

Friday, November 29, The Fab Four came to town in their Yellow Submarine for the CMIRC Beetles Mania Fundraiser at Old Chiang Mai. Photos from Citylife.

Saturday, November 30, Dylan and Viki Thomason hosted a sorting party at their home for Rotarians, family and friends of the Winter Clothing Appeal.